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Our medicine and aesthetics are GREEN and CLEAN at NM Spirit of Wellness!

We believe in the Wisdom of the Body to Heal and Rejuvenate your body
We are providing the medicine and aesthetics of the future today!

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Vampire® Lifts

Teeth Whitening

Offering Platelet Rich Plasma and Certified Vampire Procedures

The wisdom of the body to heal and rejuvenate the body

Prolo and trigger point injections have been one of the most effective ways to get back range of motion, body function and help treat pain.

Methionine • Inositol • Choline • Vitamins • Glutathione • Coenzyme Q10 • Folic Acid • Magnesium Chloride, L-Lysine, Zinc, Vitamin C, D3 Tri-Amino

3 or more vitamins for $50 and walk out with a pep in your step!

Teeth Whitening

Bleach your stains clear with a combination of the BleachBright products and our teeth whitener machine

Take home maintenance kits are available for purchase.

“For every drug that benefits a patient; there is a natural substance that can achieve the same effect.” – Pfeiffer’s Law

Xymogen is our preferred supplement choice as they have complete formulas designed to be used as natural medication to improve medical conditions and eliminate or minimize pharmaceutical use when safe.

Always feel free to call the clinic with questions regarding ordering and recommendations.