Creating a Balance of Health and Wellness is Beautiful and Bold.
Find Your Own Balance.

Nurse Practitioner for Integrated Medical Wellness

Jeannett Martinez CNP – Board Certified Nurse Practitioner and Member of American Holistic Nurse Association. Independent provider for both western and integrated medicine practice. Bringing medicine back to a more intimate setting to find the most appropriate healing modality unique to each person.


I started my career at Presbyterian Hospital Downtown working a combined 10 years of both inpatient and emergency room medicine. During my time there, I learned a lot. I learned that in hospital and insurance dictated medicine, we are good at keeping people from dying but we are not good at helping them learn to live and thrive in a balance of wellness. I started this practice to find my own health and wellness balance, as I was in need of being well. The wellness I needed could not be completely given to me by my primary care provider nor would it be covered by my insurance card. As a result, Randi and I brought together a team of smart, talented and intuitive health professionals. Our combined talents guide and support each person who seeks our help, to find their most authentic personalized health, wellness and happiness.


I do not take insurance because the health, medical, spiritual and anti-aging services we offer are not generally covered by insurance companies. However, our treatments are not only very effective but also life changing. Your appointment time is as long as you want it to be. You will never be rushed out of the office and will always follow up either in office or by phone when appropriate. I encourage everyone to use a combination of providers in the clinic to obtain complete wellness by treating your mind, body and spirit. As a western medical provider, I can order medications, laboratory testing and diagnostic imaging if necessary, which is covered by your insurance company. I am considered an out of network provider. Our goal is to develop a strong relationship with each person who seeks our help, to not only thoroughly evaluate each ones true needs but to enjoy our visits and watch each person flourish in their personal wellness journey.

Medical Esthetician

Randi Gatlin LE, LT, has been practicing esthetics in the state of New Mexico for over ten years. She has experience in all aspects of skin but specializes in advanced skincare treatments such as microneedling, vampire facials, microdermabrasion, and various laser treatments. In 2016, Randi was certified in PRP microneedling through Eclipse Micropen Elite and taking it one step further that same year she attended Mint Aesthetics and received her laser technician certification, where she focused on Radio Frequency skin tightening, laser hair removal, IPL facials, as well as resurfacing treatments. Randi’s extensive knowledge in skin wellness helps her find effective solutions to all your skincare needs.

See Randi for a consultation to tailor a unique skincare plan.


Office: 505-726-4407  and  Cell: 505-264-9454


123 Girard Blvd SE
NM 87106

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