Aesthetic Services

Welcome to NM Spirit of Wellness. We provide premier aesthetic services and are dedicated to delivering exceptional beauty and wellness experiences. We recognize the uniqueness of each individual, providing personalized care and attention that sets us apart. Our services are designed to enhance your natural beauty and offer an unparalleled rejuvenation experience.

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Our Aesthetic Services

Collagen Induction Services- Platelet Rich Plasma and Microneedling

Xeomin and Botox Neurotoxin Treatment

Derma Fillers by Allergan

Derma Filleres by Allergan

Juvederm Ultra and Ultra plus – PRICE: $700 per syringe
Juvederm Volumna – PRICE: $800 per syringe

Lip filler uses Juvederm plus. We always start with 1/2 syringe if it is your first time. After 2-3 weeks, we can decide if we need to add more.

Mixing PRP with filler is a wonderful way to to use less filler and often have a softer more natural look. Combining PRP and filler will promote more collagen growth! We love mixing PRP (platelet rich plasma) with filler for tear troughs for smoother finish!

Z WAVE for Cellulite!!!

FDA Fat Melting Injections- Kybella and Deoxycholic Acid

Add on Vitamin Injections and IV Fluid Therapy to Any Skin Care Treatment!

Choose a combo of 3 or more vitamins for $50 and walk out with a pep in your step!

Vitamin C injections – Gives a boost collagen, body detoxifier and supports immune health
Vitamin D3 injections – Boost immune system, energy, mood, memory and bone health
CoQ10 injection – powerful antioxidant!
Glutathione – another antioxidant that promotes mitochondrial regeneration
MIC Combo with B12 – in addition to other B vitamins to boost metabolism, memory, healing, immune support, liver detox, and skin conditions .

Consider IV hydration with vitamin infusion – for just $150, you can rehydrate, replenish, and rejuvenate both your inner and outer body. Opt for IV hydration with vitamin infusion – for just $150, you can re-hydrate, replenish, and rejuvenate both your inner and outer body. Add Glutatione IV push for $100.