Who We Are

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Jeannett Martinez, CNP

Board Certified Nurse Practitioner

Member of American Holistic Nurse Association, A4M- American Anti-Aging Association, International Society for Stem Call Application (ISSCA), Empire Medical and Cellular Medicine Association. Specifically, I am an Independent provider for both western and integrated medicine practice. Bringing medicine back to a more intimate setting to find the most appropriate healing modality unique to each person.

I started my career in medicine at Presbyterian Hospital Downtown. Following that, my work experience is a combined 10 years of inpatient hospital medicine and emergency room medicine. After that, I worked rural medicine in primary care, urgent care for 2 years. Afterwards, May 2020 to February 2021, I took Covid assignments through the NMDOH Medical Reserve Corp to help Navajo Nation, Gallup and Albuquerque. I learned a lot from each place of employment and met wonderful people. Even more important, I learned that I wanted to have more time to spend listening and treating people when they come looking for my help.

I know the value of working in a hospital and the importance of using insurance for medical care. Also, I learned that type of medicine is good at keeping people alive but lacking to help people thrive.

My own body has been the catalyst to starting this practice. I had 2 hip surgeries and went through menopause by the time I was 37 years old. Conventional medical treatments were no longer working and I needed to start looking outside of the box if I wanted to be well. I started this practice to find my health balance and have been successfully implementing regenerative medicine that has helped me, in my practice.

Zack Lopez

Office Manager/Co founder

With over 20 years of management Zack enjoys getting to know our patients and the opportunity to connect with many people on their path to wellness. He has spent over 5 years learning the benefit of functional and regenerative medicine and has become an advocate for our patients to receive optimal care. His personal journey in discovering his path to health fuels his passion in spreading information for true health, for those searching for wellness. Zack has also personally experienced every treatment we offer in the clinic and can therefore speak to all patients from a place of experience. Our goal is ultimately to provide ethical, clean, green, body beneficial medicine.

“Your needs become our needs on your path to wellness.”