Vampire® Facial
+ Breast Lift Procedures

Embark on a journey to revitalized beauty with the cutting-edge Vampire® Facial and Breast Lift procedures, your ultimate key to obtaining a luminous, youthful aura. These groundbreaking treatments serve as the preferred choice for countless discerning individuals who prioritize safe, organic, and highly potent methodologies for enhancing their facial and breast aesthetics.

Dr. Ahmed explains the Vampire® Facial and Facelift procedure

Vampire® Facial

We use your platelets topically along side Microneedling for a deeper penetration. This will help improve acne scarring, skin laxity, tone, texture and overall give a nice rejuvenating glow to your skin. Furthermore,  we can also inject your platelets into your lips, your tear trough, and under eyes. In effect, this helps to naturally restore lost lip volume, brighten dark circles under eyes, reduce lip lines WITHOUT using filler. This is very effective way to restore your own volume safely without the risk of causing occlusions with filler. Your body healing and restoring your body!

PRICE: $650 for PRP injections with Microneedling

You can add vitamin C, Glutathione, or B Complex to speed up healing, eliminate dryness and redness for additional $15.

$450 for Microneedling with PRP only

You can add vitamin C, Glutathione, or B Complex to speed up healing, eliminate dryness and redness for additional $15.

Vampire® Facelift

A great procedure for those who see the signs of aging but aren’t ready to go under the knife. Using an HA filler, paired with your platelets, we can give your face a nice lift where volume has been lost.

PRICE: $1700 (includes one syringe of Juvederm)

Why do we love PRP?

It is your body healing you! We can revitalize all parts of the body with Platelet- Rich Plasma (PRP.) Starting with a quick and painless blood draw, we can make positive changes to your every day life and well-being. Furthermore, we can use it in your face in place of filler, we can microneedle it, use it for both men and women’s sexual health as well as restore lost volume in breast and labia tissue. We have even used it to heal scars, wounds, and help toe nails grow! The power of the body is amazing!!!



Vampire® Breast Lift

Unlike a traditional breast lift, which gives you a painful recovery and downtime, a Vampire Breast lift is a quick and great way to plump up the breasts in a quick in clinic visit. Additionally, a Vampire Breast lift can create a fuller, firmer breast, can help with the appearance of stretch marks, droopiness and will help improve the blood circulation.

PRICE: $1650